CAP Final Coat

390 Bradwick Dr.
Concord, Ontario, Canada L4W 2Wr
United States

Phone: 800-387-3760

Final Coat has been supplying the automotive industry for over 25 years and has made significant changes in the vehicle appearance protection industry. As a progressive thinking company, we continuously strive to advance in all areas, which includes better products, better service and looking out for our environment by developing the most eco-friendly solutions possible. Whether it's protection from bird droppings, acid rain, surface rust perforation, faded or cracked leather, your new or used vehicle deserves the best, and Final Coat is here to provide you with advanced protection products with superb warranty coverage to protect your vehicle for years to come. Final Coat products are thoroughly tested and proven effective before they reach your dealership. You can rest assured that all our products meet our highly set standards before they receive the Final Coat brand logo. Final Coat has been supplying quality products to the automotive car care industry for over 25 years and continues to develop and introduce ways to protect the ever changing surface conditions of new and used vehicles.