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cilajet™ is a unique anti-corrosion sealant developed to provide the finest permanent protection available for painted surfaces, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome and alloy metals, and other substrates. cilajet™ was originally created for the aerospace industry, and has been proven to protect the paint on aircraft from the earth’s harshest elements. cilajet is so effective in keeping the exterior of the aircraft clean and free of contaminants, it has even been proven to reduce drag, thus increasing fuel efficiency. Having met and exceeded specifications of the world\'s leading aircraft manufactures such as Boeing, Airbus & Gulfstream, cilajet™ has established itself as the industry leader for the past 10 years. cilajet™ now brings that same unsurpassed quality for your vehicle. Because we stand behind our claims, cilajet™ comes with a 10-Year Warranty for New Vehicles and up to 5-Year Warranty for Pre-Owned (5 Years or Older, 40,000 Miles or Less)