Automotive Specialist, Inc.

3213 Oyster Bay Street
Las Vegas, NV 89117
United States

Phone: (702) 275-9510

Automotive Specialist, Inc. provides solutions to improve fixed operations profit centers, utilizing proven methods that properly employed and managed, will allow our clients to function in a more positive customer satisfaction environment while providing an enhanced level of profit. At no time during our involvement with our clients will we attempt to separate the issues of customer satisfaction and departmental profits. It has been established that it is impossible to run a successful long-term business venture without both of these elements. If you do not make and keep customers happy your business will not continue to grow. In addition, if you focus only on making customers happy while neglecting your responsibility as a profit center, the end result is just as predictable. Short-term, either of these approaches are viable, yet not sustainable. It is our proven experience that the first rule of a successful business is you must have and retain satisfied customers and profitability. Automotive Specialist, Inc. employs "proactive" consulting, which is characterized by custom designing processes to meet the client’s requirements and goals. Our experience has proven there are "many ways" rather than “one way" to achieve success and that no two fixed operations or clients are alike. Automotive Specialist, Inc. consultants never try to employ rigid, predetermined programs, but rather employ our proven advanced concepts to suit the challenges faced by individual service operations. It is not the objective of Automotive Specialist, Inc. to simply identify problems and make recommendations: we go beyond the traditional approach to consulting and provide the knowledge, proven experience, manpower and materials necessary to implement a recommended program of change.